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Are you looking for the best container transport in Chennai? Veeyem Containers is a reputed and reliable container services company in Chennai. We are no.1 container leasing and selling company in Chennai, and now we offer all type of containers at affordable price. We provide cargo containers, shipping containers freight containers second-hand container, marine container, office container tristar container, used container and 4 square and 7 square containers. Veeyem Containers is India's best container dealer, and we have many branches in all over India, Veeyem Containers provide the best container services all over the world.

Container Services in Tuticorin

We are famous container services in Tuticorin. Tuticorin is a one of brach of Veeyem Container services, here we manufacturing and repair all type of containers, it is one of the best main container terminals of Veeyem Container Services.

Name: Veeyem Container Services Chennai
Phone: 90203 69956
Address: 14/14 Canal Bank road, Karpagam apartment, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004


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